The Future Begins Here

AMISJ is an international non discriminative British Curriculum m School in Jeddah, KSA, and is known f‹›r its quality education for student's growth ance development. The school was founded in 2005 and have completed 17 years of providing educational platform for thousands of students. We believe in the importance of quality education along with lifelong skills values and character building. Our staff strives to prepare all students to succeed in a demanding and ever-evolving global society. As a school, we believe in the importance of quality education that integrates a rigorous academic curriculum. School provided a peaceful atmosphere to nurture the young minds to dream big, aspire. explore and achieve the impossible.

AMlSJ is a learning community dedicated to build respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners

Create a sense of integrity, ethics and honesty

Integrates academic and Islamic education

Promote excellent personal manners

Give equal importance to both material and moral education

We Have Global Network Of Students

AMlSJ, the community is made up of a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds. The multicultural nature of the school provides opportunities for interaction amongst students from more than 33 different countries. , At AMlSJ, we value cultural diversity and develop differentiated teaching and learning programs that enable all students to feel successful and supported in an inclusive environment. As a community, we promote the values of respect, tolerance & inclusion, and excellence.


Classroom teachers provide targeted programs with explicit instruction. Specialist teachers are employed to teach individual students and differentiated groups. Quality teachers providing quality learning is a key aspect of our school's philosophy. As such, coaching and mentoring, combined with a professional learning community approach to sharing ideas, strategies, and resources continue to improve the quality of teacher pedagogy.

The school follows the British curriculum in all subjects and follows Saudi Curriculum for Quran/Arabic and Islamic Education.